The Problem

Girls are facing an epidemic of mental health challenges.

Source: US National Survey on Drug and Health Use

67% of U.S. girls feel persistently sad and hopeless 

45% of U.S. girls drop out of sports at puberty and low body confidence is the #1 reason why

Girls are exposed to endless technology with little or no digital wellness tools. 46% of 5th and 6th graders spend 6+ hours a day on social media

Our Research-Backed Solution

Box United’s Confidence Accelerator Curriculum provides relatable lessons in digital literacy and mental wellbeing to help girls: 

1. Feel in control of their technology use and build habits for digital wellness 

2. Build positive body image including tools for dealing with comparison 

3. Unlock unwavering confidence to help girls reach their full potential

How does it work?

Who is it for?

Our program is designed for youth who identify as girls ages 9-15.

What is included?

  • One 45 minute onboarding session with the Box United team 
  • Our 20 lesson Confidence Accelerator Curriculum developed by licensed therapists that covers four key areas:

1) Building the foundation for mental wellbeing

2) Managing stress and big emotions

3) Developing digital literacy and social media

4) Building unbreakable confidence and self esteem 

  • Slide decks for each lesson to visually guide students through the materials 
  • Easy to follow Lesson Plan PDFs with extra time resources, links to videos, and instructor script
  • Wellness journals for each student that follow the curriculum and include additional resources and worksheets 

How can it be used?

  • 45 minute sessions weekly 
  • In-school SEL programming
  • Afterschool SEL or leadership programming 
  • Afterschool programming paired with a sport 


One-time purchase: $2,500 

Can I see an example lesson?

Yes! Click here to view an example of what a lesson looks like from our curriculum. Links to presentation slides will not be active.

What your youth are saying:

  • "My favorite part is playing games and writing in our new books"

    Jazzlyn, age 10

  • "I love it here"

    Madison, age 9

  • "If someone says something about their personality and they think its weird, somebody would say thats not weird, that's cool, and encourage them”

    Sofia, age 9

Questions? Reach out to our team