Our Solution: The Fight Like a Girl Program

Fight Like a Girl exists to solve three problems: limited access to sport for girls, rising mental health challenges for girls, and declining confidence and self esteem for girls.

Fight Like a Girl is the only all-girls sports program that focuses equally on physical and mental wellbeing through a research-backed approach, rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Sports-Based-Youth-Development.

Our Fight Like a Girl program has two parts. First, it is a boxing program. We teach girls boxing fundamentals and show them how to train like athletes. Boxing is a sport unmatched in its ability to build discipline, confidence, and mind-body connection.

Second, we run a Social Emotional Wellbeing Curriculum alongside our boxing program. These lessons are designed to help girls establish positive mental health from a young age. They are run by licensed therapists and deliver science-backed strategies that girls can immediately implement in their lives.

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Fight Like a Girl

In the U.S. 64% of girls will have quit sport by the age of 16. We exist to change that.

Our Curriculum

The Fight Like a Girl program is driven to fill a gap in the content available to girls on body image, mental health, social media literary, financial literary and more by delivering relatable lessons and clear strategies that girls can implement to change their lives.

Our digital, 20 week curriculum includes a comprehensive coach training and can be taught by any trained Box United coach. If you are interested in running Fight Like a Girl at your school, please contact us.