Our Story

Boxing has been the single greatest tool I've used to change my life. I initially took up boxing when I was playing Division I lacrosse, because it was the hardest workout I could find in the off season. Soon, I saw that the benefits of boxing went far beyond physical conditioning. Boxing allowed me to recognize my strength and understand my mind in a way I never had before. Training as a boxer is what gave me the confidence to pursue things I didn't initially think I was capable of.

Boxing is what helped me receive a Fulbright Scholarship, teach boxing and start a technology company in South Africa, and win funding from the U.S. State Department to start Fight Like a Girl. Boxing is what allowed me to work for 3+ years at a Fortune 500 managment consulting firm, get into a top 3 MBA program, and ultimately, resign from my consulting job to build Box United full time.

I'm on a mission to help every girl use boxing to recognize her limitless potential. This work is needed now more than ever. At Box United, we are building a movement of people that believe in the power of sport to build a better world. We would love for you to join us.

Mary Kate Vanecko | Founder & Executive Director